Love, Separation, and Reunion

نوع المستند : مقاله پژوهشی


University Of Maryland, Roshan Center For Persian Studies, Usa


In september 2007, at the university of maryland’s international conference on rumi, amin banani ended his keynote address on the persian mystic poet rumi with an impassioned plea to his colleagues to rewrite the history of persian poetry with rumi at its center. his paper, titled “rumi the reluctant poet,” painted a vivid portrait of the major differences and distinctions that separate rumi’s notion of, and approach to, poetry from the poets he attacks as mindless (hollow-brained to be precise), too preoccupied with the craft and outward trappings of poetry, and much too formalistic to make poetry the arena for the expression of the innermost emotions lying latent in the recesses of the human soul.